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MomentumSI provides customers an effective on-ramp to cloud environments. Our teams have successfully migrated dozens of our clients to a cloud based environment, including public and private clouds.

 In a Cloud Modernization effort, the application is redesigned from the ground-up with the assumption that it will be deployed in a cloud environment. Reengineering applications for a native cloud environment provide the greatest degree of flexibility however are also the most costly in the short term.



The MomentumSI DevOps practice helps large enterprise organizations reduce the time it takes to release reliable software after an idea is born, and to shorten the time between regular releases.

No matter how large, complex or distributed your IT organization is, Momentum SI’s DevOps practice experts can help you succeed in making the transformation to a collaborative, adaptive team that is exponentially more efficient and strategically aligned with the rest of your business.



Big Data represents a class of solutions that enable organizations to capture, analyze and mine very large sets of data to gain insight into a variety of problem domains ranging from customer preferences to complex forecasting.

From a technical perspective, Big Data leverages clusters of inexpensive commodity computers to tackle problems that were once reserved for the largest and most expensive mainframes. Modern infrastructure-as-a-service provides the rapid provisioning of servers and storage to facilitate the processing of 10′s, 100′s and 1000′s of terabytes of data.



We provide full software lifecycle development support, from planning, design and architecture, through development, testing and deployment.

We take a highly collaborative approach to our modernization and custom application development projects. We offer two models for client engagements – onsite at your offices or remote via MomentumSI’s Austin Integration and Development Center (AIDC), a secure facility co-located with our company headquarters.


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MomentumSI is known for helping large enterprises quickly and cost-efficiently adapt innovative, agile practices to align business needs with IT Processes